Wednesday, 19 September 2012


 "Did you watch the Olympics?" was the one of the first question my friends asked me when I met them on the first day of school.

This year's London Olympic game gave excitement and joy and moved the people all over the world. Its probably one of the biggest event that happened this year. But since I am not a HUGE fan of the olympic, I felt that some of the attentions should go to the other news because literally everyday when you turn on the tv, you would see the update of the games rather than seeing other news. But overall I enjoyed watching the games a lot. and I respect the athletes significantly because  they have been training everyday, day and night never giving up on their dreams towards one objective, to represent their country and receive the gold medal. Watching the athletes playing gave me a lot of encouragement so it made me feel like I also have to do my best to realize my dream. If you imagine the effort they have put for only for the game, it motivated me.

I was very pumped up to watch the soccer games the most because the expectation towards the soccer team was high in my country. However, both of the Japanese teams have lost at the finals and it was very shocking to everyone in my country but I was still proud that they got into the finals and received the silver medal (second place).

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