Tuesday, 6 November 2012

POV writing

The rainy season has come. Rain drops were racing down the window like they were having a race to get to the bottom of the window.I slowly closed my eyes and felt the sound of the quiet drizzle rain and the “tik tok” sound from the little red clock hanging on the wall. I can smell dust and wood, the smell of a radio sitting on the corner of the desk waiting for someone to use them.

I can see someone rushing down the corridor carrying a stack of heavy books trying to balance herself to not fall over. I wonder why... Ah yes, its her first day of college.

I try to lean over to see what the time is, with the corner of my round marble eyes. 8:28 AM, unlike any other morning, everybody seems so busy today. Except for that girl. She sits beside the window, staring at the rain, watching every raindrop falling from the dark grey sky. She has been like this almost an hour, and I can’t stand seeing my favourite person in the world crying like this. I wish I had hands that feel, legs that walk, eyes that move, head that turns, I wish I
was not a stuff animal that just sits there in the corner of her bed.

I wish I was able to hold her and tell her that its okay, that everything is going to get better and that I am here for her. I am afraid what she’s about to do, she never cries. She is a brave girl. The last time I saw her cry was when she was a little baby, when I joined her family and arrived to her room on a cozy Christmas morning. It was snowing outside on December 24th. I was in a box, wrapped in a plastic glitter box with a big huge bow on top. The day has come. The day I finally belong to someone out of thousands of toys, I am the chosen one.

Suddenly, I was dropped on the ground. “ouch it hurts...” until someone was opening up the box. “Oh My God  a teddy bear!? Thanks mommy, and daddy I love you!” I hear a little girl’s voice. Probably around the age of 4 to 5 years old. When I heard her voice for the first time, I instantly fell in love with this beautiful girl with a long  silky brown hair with huge hazel brown eyes. She was so happy that I belong to her now, that she started to cry. I felt so heartwarming and I never felt this way to anyone. It hurts so much to see her cry, and not being able to be there for her for all these years.

8:47. She stops crying. I sit there and watch, waiting for something to happen,anything to happen. Finally, she stands up and walks across her little room to her tiny desk. She slides her fingers across the desk and reaches her hand onto the radio and turns on the volume to maximum. Then suddenly you could hear a beautiful melody travelling across the room and to the corridor.

Suddenly everybody’s move stopped, the girl who has been crying her eyes out a few minutes ago looks so happy, with a huge smile on her face. It didn’t take so long for myself to realize how much music has changed everybody’s feelings and mood at that very moment.

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