Sunday, 3 February 2013

Blogging is an important part of English?

We all have our own opinions towards different things, we all have different ideas and different perspective towards so many things in this world. People now days have found another way to express themselves without even talking to a person in real life, And that is Blogging. Blogger or any other blog websites allow you to do all of the above. Yes, it is important to let people know about yourself and sharing your opinions and giving more information about yourself to others, but is blogging THAT important? People usually blog because they are either introverted which means they are too shy to share their opinions to somebody through their mouths. Or maybe they just simply want everyone in the world to know about them and willing to share it to the whole world. I personally think that people are free to share their opinion of they want to, but they do not have to be forced to share. I think its their own choice to whether or whether not they want to share.

English is a class where you study about literature and reading, it is not a class about expressing yourselves and discussions. Just because some people are introverted, dosen't mean that they don't have opinions, they really do, some are even dying to share, but they are just too shy. But some people are just not comfortable, they don't want to share. So do they really have to be forced to share? I don't think so.

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