Sunday, 17 February 2013

For those who want to write a 'book' about Japan (reedited)

So today's english lesson, we read an article called "How to write about Africa"the writer of this article basically gives 'tips' on how to write an article about Africa but really, he is teasing the writers who usually write about Africa. We were given a task to copy this style of writing but based on our own country where we are from. So this is mine... Enjoy;)

If you were to write about Japan, always make sure that you have those following words in the title: "Japan", "Technology","Sushi", "Animes", "Big", "Tokyo" "City". For your subtitles, you may want to include words such as: "Intelligent", "Big", "Otakus" "Fashion", "Rich", "Whales", "Math".

Including the words: "Intelligent" "Math" "Technology""Nerds" is really important because you want to the reader to know that Japan is filled with nerds. You can go around and ask anybody in the streets of Tokyo if they know what 30987-1356=? is and they could probably answer it in seconds. Because you know, Japanese are all smart and genies. We all know this.

Also, don't forget to mention "Sushi". Japanese eat sushi EVERY SINGLE DAY. For breakfast, lunch, dinner. Everyday. Sushi  is pretty much the only food they have in Japan, I mean, they really don't have anything to eat but sushi.

Keep in mind that what Japanese do all day long is just visit the comic store and read "mangas" and watch "animes" for the rest of their day. Because remember, readers need to understand clearly that technically all Japanese don't have a life and thats what they do everyday to waste their bloody day.

Remember, no one in Japan can speak English. So you probably want to mention that as well.

If you want to put a cherry on top of the whole article, you definitely want to send a message to the readers that "Japanese are all polite and generous" because they are.

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