Sunday, 24 February 2013

My thoughts on What is the what

So far reading this book 'What is the what' by Dave eggers, I can say that its been quite well. I'm starting to actually like this book and seem to be enjoying it more than the first 100 page, which I found most parts of the story boring and slow. Its not a great book, but its not a bad book at all either.

 I really like how Dave Eggers describes the agene of war. Its so realistic that sometimes you feel like you are actually in this situation like when he ran through the forest when he was escaping from Marial Bai to escape from war.

Some events in this book i so breathe taking and you are absolutely into the book and you cannot take the book off your hands where some events could you bore you to hell and you have to force yourself to keep reading but want to stop reading immediately.
Also, they are some events in this book are that are really harsh and violent that sometimes you need to be away from the book and take a break to process it all in. I also feel as the author is giving too much information, that he is making it hard for the reader. You constantly need to be taking notes about all the things you don't understand or you don't know about that he mentions in this book which is basically for me, most things in this book.

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